lots of construction work

1camellia_two_colours_GarinishAlthough the people of Glengarriff are not officially being informed about what’s happening on Garinish Island they can watch busy activities on Ilnacullin. Last year saw the felling of many trees in the Walled Garden, parts of which now look different: brighter and not any more jungle-like.

Violets_Cottage_1927_Garinish_IslandViolet Bryce’s Cottage, the old Sullivan’s cottage and the East Pier are really being prepared for a new lease of life. According to rumours the “Museum” will be opened in July. The entrance area is digged up, heavy vehicles are busy changing the small path to the lovely old cottage.

4yews_pondLots of small yews were planted between old but quite bare yews on the Southern side of the pond area. The ancient sarcophagus in the Walled Garden disappeared a good while ago, but it might return to its old place, as there was a roof built for it. Even the loose banister in the Martello Tower was fixed over the winter. The winter 2013/2014 had brought back the “hats” for some of the mushrooms on the way to the Temple and lots of the steps to the Temple and to the Martello Tower were bedded in concrete. Well done! But Leo the ancient lion who had lost his face in the winter’s frost of 2010 didn’t return so far. And the exhibition in the Casita is still (again) dark, the back part isn’t accessible.

The once sparkling lily pond is still muddy and brown. For how many years wasn’t it cleaned??? Such a shame! Violet Bryce wrote the following description for the magazine Gardening Illustrated in January 1929: “This lily pond is lined with small blue-green tiles to give the illusion of sea water, and round the edges in the water are pots raised on bricks of Iris kaempferi, tiny Bulruhes and Reed of various kinds. This Lily pond contains myriads of goldfish, and in the early morning the brilliant many colored king-fisher is to be seen darting over the pond.” It would be really great to see the water blue again this year, just a little scrub of the bottom and the lower walls would do it (and maybe a bit more of water…)


they run the place like north korea

Did you know garinish island is the property of the people of the republic of ireland? It´s a fine theory at least. The people are represented by a crowd of public servants who treat public property as if it was their own private business. Said the well-known local glengarriff gentleman: “They run the place like north korea.”

Have there been any news published about the use of a 2,4 million euro public funding of projects on garinish island after the summer of 2011? Any details in 2012? Any news about rejuvenating and replanting on the island for future generations? We may have missed it.

The insular, secretive and reclusive manciples of garinish island keep it all under their hat — in the same manner they close off more than 40 percent of the island for visitors, in the same manner they let the griselinia take over the island, in the same manner they surrender unique vistas to the growth, in the same manner they slumber away the future of glengarriff´s greatest asset ever — while relentlessly raking the flowerbeds from 9 to 5.

Why this? Let´s talk to the kims and ask them for news:  027 63040