the medici house

Garinish Island GlengarriffHave you ever had a closer look to those two circles below the roof of the Medici House? One depitcs a dragon or lion with wings, the other shows a saint with wings or some kind of angel. Two of the four apostles? Who knows more about those crests?


victim due to the hard frosts

Garinish Island GlengarriffPoor leo lost his face due to a late frost damage. Fortunately enough it didn’t break down by pieces but as a whole. I was told the stone surgeon will mend it next week and good old leo can watch what’s going on around the pond again.

early press for garinish island

Garinish Island GlengarriffIllnacullin – as it is described in an old brochure from 1946: A visit to this privately owned island, a mile from the shore and also locally known as Garnish or the “Near island”, is well worth while, on account of what is perhaps a unique combination of landscape and garden. The collection of plants is of a varied and extensive nature, ranging from herbaceous, water and bulbous plants to South African, Australasian and South American trees and shrubs, and the beauty and interest of the individual plants are enormously enhanced by the setting of trees, rock, sea and mountain, which in places has been formalised by buildings and gardens in the Italian style. Landing fee 2 pounds, Boats for hire at Roche’s Point, the Sand Quay and Poulgorm.

spring curtains at the casita

Garinish Island GlengarriffDon’t the curtains of wisteria around the casita look gorgeous? The renovation of the roof was thoroughly done around the huge plants in the eighties. It was really worth letting it grow. Unfortunately the glorious Clianthus puniceus (Kakabeak, Parrot’s Bill or Lobster Claw, pic below) with it’s deep red didn’t survive the chilly winter. It had decorated the ballustrade below the wisteria.

Garinish Island Glengarriff