they run the place like north korea

Did you know garinish island is the property of the people of the republic of ireland? It´s a fine theory at least. The people are represented by a crowd of public servants who treat public property as if it was their own private business. Said the well-known local glengarriff gentleman: “They run the place like north korea.”

Have there been any news published about the use of a 2,4 million euro public funding of projects on garinish island after the summer of 2011? Any details in 2012? Any news about rejuvenating and replanting on the island for future generations? We may have missed it.

The insular, secretive and reclusive manciples of garinish island keep it all under their hat — in the same manner they close off more than 40 percent of the island for visitors, in the same manner they let the griselinia take over the island, in the same manner they surrender unique vistas to the growth, in the same manner they slumber away the future of glengarriff´s greatest asset ever — while relentlessly raking the flowerbeds from 9 to 5.

Why this? Let´s talk to the kims and ask them for news:  027 63040

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