annan bryce’s and violet l’estrange’s family

garinish island glengarriff‘The Times’ wrote on June 22nd 1903: Mrs. Bryce, whose death, in London, at the age of 90, we recorded on Friday last, was the widow of the late Dr. James Bryce, an eminent naturalist, who was killed by a fall of rocks while geologizing in Scotland many years ago [at Inverfarigaig, Loch Ness, 11th July, 1877]. Born at Belfast in 1813, just before the battle of Leipzig, she retained a vivid recollection of Ulster and the West of Scotland as they were in the earlier part of last century, and preserved to the end of her life the full excercise of her remarkable mental powers. She had become the centre of a large circle of friends who were attracted by her striking personality and by the keen interest – unusual in one who belonged to a generation so remote –which she took in the literary, social, and political movements of the day. Two of her brothers are still living – Mr. Robert Young [1822-1917], an architect in Belfast, and Mr. Charles Young, for a long period a member of the Legislature of Victoria (Australia), and at one time a Minister there. She has left two sons, of whom the elder is Mr. James Bryce, M.P., and two daughters.

garinish island glengarriffAt the day of the Census (2nd April 1911) James Young, aged 25 (born in Belfast, single, Presbyterian) stayed at the Reenmeen Hotel, he probably was Mr. Robert Young’s grandson, architect himself and Annan’s second grade cousin. James Reid Young (1884-1967) seems to have been involved in the development of Garinish Island: the overall plan for the gardens and the buildings on Garinish Island is signed by his grandfather’s famous company’s name (Young & Mackenzie, May 1911).garinish island glengarriff The actual construction works only started in 1912. Another Census page shows Violet and her two daughters Marjory and Rosalind staying in a house in Skehill, together with two servants (Sarah McKeown, aged 50, Church of England born in Co. Tyrone, and Margaret O’Leary, aged 23, Roman Catholic, born in Co. Cork). Violet cheated with her age, instead 47 years she noted 42.

Violet’s father was Champagné L’Estrange, born 3rd May 1832; he was Captain Royal Regiment of Artillery, and retired 1897; Resident Magistrate for Co. Down; he died at Malta aged 67, 5th March 1900, buried in La Braxis Cemetery there.”

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