the violet who transformed garinish

Garinish Island GlengarriffJackie Keogh devoted three pages in today’s Southern Star to Garinish Island. She had spent a sunny afternoon on the island interviewing journalist Markus Baeuchle about the results and the progress of his resaerch for a book about the gardens of Glengarriff. Journalist Gemma Tipton wrote an excellent piece on Garinish Island for the Irish Times on 14th August. She credits Violet Bryce for much of the work and the vision of Garinish. Well done.

the martello tower a music room

Garinish Island GlengarriffAccording to Harold Peto’s plans the lower floor of the Martello Tower was to become the ‘garden room’, the first floor (which you still can access through the steps) was to become the music room (right he was, fabulous acoustics!) and the wall around the nowadays 360-degree-viewing-roof was to be extended and provided with a roof. A view through a balcony straight to the temple across the Happy Valley should have made ‘Mrs. Bryce’s room’ a real exquisite hideaway. Her and Annan Bryce’s bedrooms were planned to be left- and righthand to the music room.