talk series about garinish island

Garinish Island GlengarriffAs a nice introduction to the upcoming “The Garinish Island – Centenary Talk Series” starting on June 24th we had the opportunity to listen to a Midsummer Miscellany: excerpts from well known texts as well as poetry, both international
and home produced, together with musical interludes and slide-show. Well done readers!

head gardener murdo mackenzie

Garinish Island GlengarriffI went to see Murdo Mackenzies grave, felt somehow sorry to see no flowers nor any greenery whatsoever on his last resting place. He was the dedicated head gardener of Garinish/Illnacullin and devoted 55 years of his life to create this paradise. The created the variegated cultivar of Griselinia littoralis ‘Bantry Bay’.

garinish island glengarriff

The view across the harbour towards Bantry is breath taking.

garinish island glengarriffBut he would have detested all the weeds growing around the scenic place…

spring curtains at the casita

Garinish Island GlengarriffDon’t the curtains of wisteria around the casita look gorgeous? The renovation of the roof was thoroughly done around the huge plants in the eighties. It was really worth letting it grow. Unfortunately the glorious Clianthus puniceus (Kakabeak, Parrot’s Bill or Lobster Claw, pic below) with it’s deep red didn’t survive the chilly winter. It had decorated the ballustrade below the wisteria.

Garinish Island Glengarriff