glengarriff as ireland’s garden haven

Garinish Island GlengarriffGlengarriff Tourism Association has now decided to promote Glengarriff as “Ireland´s Garden Haven”. Makes big sense, I guess: Glengarriff has Garinish Island, The Bamboo Park, The Ewe Sculpture Garden, The Nature Reserve – and not to forget: The phantastic old arboretum at Ardnagashel – an outstanding old tree park that still wants to be saved from oblivion (as well as The Castle). So much more than in times of Violet Bryce. She didn’t become tired of promoting Glengarriff as a worthy tourist destination. Her son Roland was the chairman of the GTA for quite some time.


the bathing box

Garinish Island GlengarriffAnother interesting building of the early days is to be found on Garinish Island: The bathing box on the northeastern beach. The Bryces would enjoy warm summer days there. Has anybody taken a sunbath or a swim there yet?

gbs’s inspiration from garinish

Garinish Island GlengarriffIt is said that George Bernard Shaw wrote parts of his play St Joan on Garinish. In the OPW brochure you can find a photograph of him posing between Homer and the young Nero. He was probably inspired by the Bryce’s daughter Marjorie, who led a procession on horseback dressed as Joan of Arc at the Women’s Coronation Procession in London in the year 1911. She led some fourty thousand women from almost thirty suffrage organisations whose members celebrated Joan as a perfect symbol to lead women in their appeal for formal admission into the councils of the nation. Her father Annan Bryce though and her uncle Sir James Bryce, the one time Ambassador in Washington, were strictly against suffrage.