press release garinish 100

Garinish Island GlengarriffThis is the press release Andrew O’Shea sent out to the media these days:
A major event to celebrate the centenary of the development of the garden paradise of Garinish Island is scheduled to begin shortly in Glengarriff. The island was a barren rock outcrop when purchased from the British War Office by Mr. Annan Bryce in 1910 and he immediately embarked on the task of creating it into the world-renowned attraction that it has become. The Bryce family developed and managed the island over the course of the next 40 years and in 1954 Roland Bryce handed over ownership of it to the Irish Nation. Since then it has been in the stewardship of the OPW who have continued to maintain and develop it. Visitor numbers to the island are in the region of 60,000 annually and this figure was achieved even in the difficult season of 2009. Now Glengarriff Tourism and Development together with the OPW and other interests locally are embarking on an ambitious programme of events to highlight this important milestone. Plans are advanced in a number of areas including development of further facilities on the island, a promotional leaflet on the event, street banners and signage, a series of talks on related topics- together with an anniversary exhibition relating to the story of the development of the garden. Further details will appear as available in this publication and events will also be listed on the official website for Glengarriff.

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