who bought garinish island – he or her?

Garnish Island GlengarriffHas anybody got some information about Violet Bryce, little known wife of then Garinish owner John Annan Bryce? Wrote this abstract today:

“Garinish Island, world famous garden island in Glengarriff harbour, is celebrating 100 years in existence. In 1910 Scottish businessman John Annan Bryce bought the island to turn it into one of the great gardens of Western Europe. Bryce was driven by the idea of building a substantial residence on top of the island – and he was driven by his wife Violet L’Estrange – a woman who sympathised with the ideas of womens liberation and of an independendant Ireland. While Annan Bryce and his genious garden architect Harold Peto have been praised in brochures and travel guides over and over again, very little is known about the highly interesting wife, Violet Bryce. Due to the fact that mainly men have written and interpreted the history of Ireland so far, women were mostly left in the dark of past times. The Centenery Celebrations for Garinish Island would therefore be a great opportunity to honour those, who have not been honoured until this very day.”

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